The Inaugural Issue

Guest List

Nimruz De Castro


Your mother will not come to our wedding

like a comment on the weather

you say this to me

a revelation on a quiet afternoon, the heat so-so,

before that, I had in my mind

seating arrangements

in between my mother and yours

now, uninvited,

would be a friend who speaks good English

who doesn’t like green jokes and doesn’t mind

being interrupted while eating

this friend has to sit somewhere else

where he or she could laugh with the other guests

in the corner of my eye, I see my mother

in her hand a glass of martini

on the other, a plate filled with sweets she never knew before

slivers of sans rival, truffles, a slice of Prague cake, some smokvas

she slowly walks away from the table

from her plastic chair covered with fake lace

towards your mother

who is standing under a tree

my mother hands your mother the martini

dry, with two olives,

they are probably talking about the weather

in broken English

or maybe they are quiet, maybe they hate each other

mine for yours’ blonde hair and blue eyes,

yours for mine’s uninhibited war on sugar.

I don’t know what they are doing, only that they stand there

under the shade of a tree

the wind gently blowing

in my mind, I cross

two names off the list.



Nimruz De Castro. ‘Guest List’. Queer Southeast Asia: a literary journal of transgressive art Vol. 1. no. 1, October 2016.

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