b-b-p-hosmillo-portrait  B.B.P. HOSMILLO


B.B.P. Hosmillo is the founder and a co-editor of Queer Southeast Asia.


Major Publication:

cover-bryhos  Breed Me: a sentence without a subject (AJAR Press, 2016)


Works published in Queer Southeast Asia:

*Editorial note (The Inaugural Issue, October 2016)

*Interview with John H. McGlynn (The Inaugural Issue, October 2016)

*Interview with Khanh "Aiden" Nguyen (The Inaugural Issue, October 2016)


Works in other publications:

*Citizens of the First World Can’t See You’, BOAAT Journal (USA), 2016. [forthcoming]

*Black Paradise / Địa đảng đen (trans. into Vietnamese by Hải Yến), ABRACADABRA (AJAR Press), 2016.

*A Public Space, The Nottingham Review (UK), 2016.

*Cinema of Extinction, The Blueshift Journal (USA), 2016.

*Birthplace, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal (Hong Kong) Issue 33, 2016.

*the blessed thing: a hieroglyph, Public Pool: One Space for All Poets (USA), 2016.

*In Praise of Renovation, HIV Here & Now (USA), 2016.

*Dices of Sadness Rolling All the Time & other poems, Palaver Journal (USA), 2016.

*Of Ourselves We Are Estranged, Transnational Literature (Australia), Vol. 8 no. 2, 2016.

*Absence: Histories of Hatred, The Collapsar (USA), 2016.

*Tell Me Again that Love Is a Rebellious Bird, Quarterly Literary Review Singapore Vol.15 No. 2, 2016.

*The Art You Used & Forgot to Continue, minor literature[s] (USA), 2016.

*Now the Invader Cannot Invade & other poems, Assaracus (USA) Issue 22, 2016.

*Gone Off to Return with Second Life & Habanera, SAND: Berlin’s English Literary Journal (Germany) Issue 13, 2016.

*Surveillance & other poems, Dostoyevsky Wannabe (UK) Casette 68, 2016.