Nuril Basri was born in a small village in Tangerang, Banten in 1985. Previously published works include two bildungsromans titled, respecitively, Halo, Aku Dalam Novel (Jakarta: GagasMedia, 2009) and Romantis (Kuala Lumpur: Buku Fixi, 2015), the latter of which was published in Indonesia under the title My Favorite Goodbye (Jakarta: GagasMedia, 2015); a dramatic novel titled Enak (Kuala Lumpur: Buku Fixi, 2016); and a coming-of-age novel Bukan Perjaka which was published under the title Dosa (Kuala Lumpur: Buku Fixi, in 2012). Additionally, Nuril has authored several short comedic works earlier. He works as a waiter in a restaurant.



*Hotel (Prosa, The Inaugural Issue, October 2016)

*Perempuan (Prosa, The Inaugural Issue, October 2016)

*Bukan Perjaka (Prosa, The Inaugural Issue, October 2016)